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Do you have an interest in East Africa but you can’t speak Swahili?

What you need is individually tailored training program. When you get this personalized course, you’ll learn Swahili more quickly, easily and have a lot of fun along the way.

With the purpose-driven Swahili lessons, you’ll stop scattering your efforts to the four winds and have our team of private tutors and native speakers focus on your progress.


  • You know exactly why you need to speak Swahili and that you don’t want wasting time and money on one-size-fits-all courses.
  • You don’t want learning Swahili be a task in itself and, therefore, you are longing for the course that directly translates to what you are seeking to achieve.
  • You want to learn Swahili with guidance and personal support from Swahili experts and native speakers relevant to the project you have in mind.
  • You love to control your learning program by setting a schedule and delivery methods of your own choice.
  • You want to conveniently master Swahili from anywhere to avoid hassles, tight schedules and rip-offs that many people face when they try to learn Swahili after arriving in East Africa.


During your Swahili For Your Purpose Program, you’ll tell us what really makes you want to learn Swahili. Based on your unique interest and needs, we will give you customized lessons and resources, ensuring that everything you do in the program boils down to your chief aim of learning Swahili.

You can do all that in three quick steps:

1. Tell us what you would like to achieve. It all begins with you, and once we know what you want, we will make sure you get the right takeaway.

2. Select how you want to receive your program. Your delivery method can consist of one or combination of any of these options: Online lectures, Skype, Phone, Emails, Blog posts, Online Chats, and communities relevant to your field of interest.

3. Learn from anywhere on your own terms. Unlike other Swahili classes, your program is designed by a rare combination of language experts and management consultants whose best talent is to help you make most of your resources. This will save you time and money as you learn Swahili.


You’re learning Swahili for a definite purpose. We’ll be an integral part of that purpose. We will give you examples and resources that support your overall objective.

We know that you’re learning Swahili to communicate with people. We will be that friendly people to talk to as you practice your Swahili. You’ll have plenty of time interaction than anyone can afford in private consultation. People master Swahili more easily and quickly every time we use this purpose-driven approach.

You’ll experience the same. What felt like a distant language will begin to flow effortlessly as if by magic. You’ll confidently speak Swahili with big smile in the face.

All those new words won’t feel weird anymore. You’ll be motivated to keep speaking and Swahili mastery will be very easy.

Best of all, you’ll feel closer to achieving your purpose than ever.


When it comes to language teaching, many tutors overlook the fact that people learn a foreign language for a definite purpose. This ignorance usually leads people to endless series of course after course delivered in groups of people with different objectives. To become proficient enough to achieve desired goals, students of Swahili spend, in total, thousands of dollars.

In addition to tuition, you have to pay travel expenses, not to mention the frustrations at being in the class that fails to understand your target.

With this purpose-driven program, you save big while you learn your own way!

Since we work with one private client at a time, tickets are in high demand.

Click the button below to enroll and make your learning easy and fun!

Your Instructor

Vianney Mahimbi
Vianney Mahimbi

Vianney Mahimbi is a language enthusiast based in Tanzania, East Africa. Since 2007, Vianney has assisted non-Swahili people to interact with Swahili communities in both development projects and social settings.

Back then, he realized that many visitors to East Africa had to spend a lot of time and money learning Swahili before getting into real business of their visits. To overcome this problem, he founded Swahili International Academy. With this online site, learning Swahili has become easier than ever.

In this program, he coordinates a team of native speakers and experts to help you learn Swahili from everywhere in a personalized way.

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Swahili Knowledge Base
An exclusive resource tool for learning Swahili
Vianney Mahimbi

Original Price: $240

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program start and finish?
The course starts now and ends when you want! It is flexible and unique - you customize everything to suit your need.
How long do I have access to the program?
As long as you want. Swahili For Your Purpose Program is personalized -- you have all options in you hand!
What if I am unhappy with Swahili For Your Purpose Program?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund. No question is asked, and we'll still be friends.

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